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    TLS Oppurtunistic for both inbound & outbound

      Recently we configured our IronMail gateway for TLS routing and outbound messages going to TLS enabled mail servers do use the encryption (failing over to standard SMTP when TLS not available/not accepted), however, for messages routing inbound they are not following an 'opportunistic' process of trying TLS first, then defaulting to standard SMTP.


      I have spoken with support and they stated that IronMail gateway 6.7.2 is not opportunistic on its inbound routing.  I was told to add any domains we require TLS inbound communications to the SMTPI configuration "TLS required domains" - the questions I have are:


      1. How do you list multiple domains in this field (no description in help for this fields formatting)
      2. Are there any plans to allow for inbound opportunistic TLS communications



      My preference would have been to have opportunistic available for all sites and specify only the ones we require the communications from (some businesses we have dealings with may require it, but we may only have a few communications routed from them before our business is concluded).


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