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    McAfee WebReporter and LogFiles




      some weeks ago we started with WebGateway 7 and finished configuration in the main parts. But it do not run in real buisiness now, this will happen in the next quarter of this year. Parallel to the introduction of WebGateway we had to configure the new WebReporter - the version here is Build 1096.


      After some problems and difficulties everything is running fine now... BUT it seems, that WebReporter can not recognize the information in the LogFiles. After running the job, WebReporter notifys, that everything wents fine and finishes with 100%. But -for example- Log Records proceed 3.539, elapsed time 0 seconds and recognized mistakes 3.538. This numbers did have at every attempt the same proportions, the recognized mistakes did have every time one less than the proceed LogRecords. See the Screenshot (in German), too.


      I think the problem is in the LogFile-configuration on the side of the WebGateway-Appliances. But perhaps I am wrong.


      If anyone knows an answer please be so kind to write it in this posting.



      Michael S-W