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    Peculiar use for Viruscan Enterprise: file monitor

      Hello to you all


      I would like to know if VSE can be used for the following scenario:


      - in an enterprise there is some critical information, spreaded though varios files;

      Let's suppose, as an example, that critical information is the word "fibula"

      - users may create new files with critical information or access and modify existing ones


      I would like to be alerted each time a file containing critical information is saved on the disk (local or network).

      Of course, a trivial solution would be to search using the Windows tools, but this is rather a reactive solution, and I need a proactive one.


      That's where I am thinking on VSE. Since VSE is already scanning every file (on access scan policy), is there a possibility to train it in order to log and send an alert to ePO if a certain file is found ?

      It's just like adding text-search capabilities to VSE.



      Please note that similar functionality already exists in Groupshield, where I can define search queries on mailboxes and/or messages in transit.


      Thank you

      Stefaniu Criste