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    SaaS Endpoint Suite BROWSER Protection INCOMPATIBLE with FF4.0 and Chrome ??? What about the Web Filtering Service then ?




      I have been quite dormant on the community scene owing to increasing work. Last week, I happened to migrate to the latest versions of the browsers :- IE 9. Firefox 5.0 and Chrome 12.0.


      I had thought McAfee SaaS team would keep up the momentum with the browser wars and the evergreen updates and make sure that the BROWSER Protection of the suite does live up to its name and offer what it says it would :- BROWSER PROTECTION !!! Remember... This is supposed to be the ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS UPDATED SECURITY SOFTWARE ??? SaaS ? Cloud ?


      Well, the sad part is, McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection Suite still lags behind and is stuck with Site Advisor version 3.0.602 which does NOT work with either Google Chrome or even FF 4.0 . So what is the use of having such a useless component ? It will run in the services, use the memory but do NOTHING. Does McAfee expect us users to lag behind and use the old and outdated browsers so that it can do us a favour by saying that yeah, we can protect you with the older versiosn


      I am a die hard fan and a loyal user of McAfee and will leave no stone unturned to vent out my opinion  the negative areas which will have a lot of BAD impact on the users. Just think about people who PAID money to get eb filtering services from this suite and guess what ? That very component is INCOMPATIBLE !



      PLEASE integrate the newer versions of the Site Advisor ( 3.3)  which are compatible with the new browsers and make sure that you live up to the promise of giving COMPLETE ENDPOINT PROTECTION. This suite is supposed to be a full blown suite and it is your duty to make sure that all the incompatible components do get updated. PLEASE pay heed and work on this ASAP. Browser Protection is very important in helping the users against phishing and also the very important web filtering aspect.



      I will look forward to some urgent remedy to this issue. Its very late though but McAfee can still buck up!!!




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