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    SuperDATs as .MSI rather than .dat?

      does anyone know if they're supplied in the MSI format?:D
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          Nope...at least I've never seen a .msi version of the superdat in the many years I've been working with VirusScan.. And besides, they are an .exe file not a .dat.. Only the separate portions of the executable are using the .dat file extension.

          Remember though, and it may or may not be of help , it is possible to extract the .dat files from the main superdat executable.. First, make sure the newest "sdatxxxx.exe" installer is download to the desktop and make sure there are no other copies on the computer. (As an example, I'll use the current "sdat5213.exe") You want it on the desktop. Now click on Start-Run, and "drag" the"sdat5213.exe" file to the run line.. At the end of the line, just after the quotation marks, add a single space and type: " /e" (without the quotes) Click on OK to start the extraction. Something magic will now occur. All of the internal files from the installer will be placed on your desktop. You can now manually replace the appropriate .dat files in the correct locations on the computer. It's not automatic but it does get the job done.

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks Grif that helps :cool: