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    proxy & wccp mode with heartbeat



      One question.


      Actually, we have two appliance under mgw 6.8.7 and our appliances are configured with wccp and heartbeat?

      Is there a compatibility with proxy & wccp mode and Heartbeat in mgw 7 ?

      How to configure it ?


      Thanks you,

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          Jon Scholten



          I dont quite understand the question, but are you asking whether or not it is possible to use the Web Gateway in direct proxy mode and WCCP, with High availability (which has a heartbeat to check if services are alive)?


          If so, no, high availability is only supported in direct proxy mode on 6.8.7. Also, WCCP does not need HA because the cisco device supports this nativley (it will load balanace between all of the participating WCCP devices).


          On Web Gateway 7, there is no support for HA using Proxy and WCCP, only Proxy HA. Here are the options on 7.x:



          Hope this helps.



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            I'm sorry, indeed i spoke about direct proxy mode and WCCP with HA.


            Thank you for the answer, but in 6.8.7, we have configured wccp with HA.

            So, if we want to use transparent proxy in 7.1, we must configure PBR (Policy Based Routing) on our routers to intercept http/https traffic and redirect to our proxy.

            Is there the solution ?

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              That's interesting that you were able to get Cluster and WCCP to work at all in 6.x.

              Both methods put conflicting rules into iptables that were mutually exlusive of each other.

              That is one reason it was never supported in 6.x in the first place.