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    Virusscan for Linux 1.6.0

      Hi All,


      Hoping someone can offer me some guidance.  Im suprised with the lack of expertise within McAfee on VS for linux...  anyway, I have 10 linux hosts managed by ePO with the 4.5 agent and VS for linx 1.6.0 and they are not getting the latest dat.  hosts can communication with epo required ports (443, 80, 8081).  there is a client task to push out the dat immediatley..  I would like to know how to do the following


      1. force a sync from linux and check log for any errors (where would you do such a task and where would you find the log)

      2. where are the logs stored for vscan?


      any other useful info you think might help me debug this please share





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          Hi Mick,


          What flavour Linux are you using? From what I have seen with my environment, the Linux machines should update their DAT through a standard "product update" task (although the Linux engine needs to be treated differently).


          I'm currently running 1.5.1 (Shame) in my environment, but hoping there is still the option of having the browser interface in later versions.


          https://<hostname>:<port number> (generally port number = 55443). I find using the browser interface more useful for myself for the management of the product.


          Currently holding out for 1.7 to perform testing and upgrade my environment.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            redhat 4 enterprise and yes there is a web interface which I havent used yet so will give that a try.