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    VSE 8.8 works with EMC Celerra?


      Anyone has any idea whether VSE8.8 works with EMC Celerra CAVA Agent? Here are the steps I take:

      - I installed the CAVA and configure the EMC as per setup guide

           1. Create a domain user with the EMC virus-checking right.

           2. Configure virus-checking parameters on the Data Movers. “Edit the viruschecker.conf file to have my server IP”

           3. Install the VSE8.8 on a server, checked on Scan Files "When writing to disk", "When reading from disk" & "on network drives"


      Then, at the EMC CLI, i typed:

      $ server_viruschk server_2

      and it returns success for connectivity to my server which i installed the VSE, but the status shows "AV_NOT_FOUND", AV Engine : Unknown



      Is there any special configuration on the VSE to allow communication with CAVA? I can't seems to find any information on the setup for VSE side.


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