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    MVT shown in "Add/Remove Programs Listing";  Have tried to remove it...unsuccessfully.  Any suggestions?


      Good evening all,


           The McAfee Virtual Technician program is still listed in the Add/Remove Programs area of the Control Panel.  I have attempted a few times now to remove it altogether without success.  (There is no desktop icon for the MVT either).  Each time I keep receiving the following message:


      "The feature you are trying to use is a network service that is unavailable.  Check <OK> to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package, 'mp-ambits.msi' in the box below."


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might remove the MVT from the "Add/Remove Programs List?


      NOTE:  I have already run the MCPR tool, as well as, gone through every directory, folder, etc I can find that has the McAfee name on it and deleted them all out.


      Thanks very much for your time and any information!


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