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    XP Antispyware 2012 Virus

      I have been infected by an XP Antispyware 2012 virus. 2 questions:


      1) Why didn't my expensive Mcafee Security system prevent this infection?


      2) How do I now get rid of it

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          Peter M

          None of the major antivirus applications are very effective against these fake anti-malware pests unfortunately.


          There is an excellent removal guide here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-win-7-antispyware-2012


          Scroll down that page as the first links you'll see are advertising.

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            There are 2 ways of doing this...one using the mcAfee software, two..Manually(risky, as a mistake could bring about unforseen results).


            Manually update your McAfee Software(Click on updates and hit Check for Updates)


            Then choose the hidden files and folders to be shown on the computer from the Folders Options Window...You can open it using the combination Alt+T+O or typing 'control folders' in the run window....(Windows Key + R opens the run window or open up the Start Menu and selct 'Run'


            Go to C:\documents and settings|<user profile>\local settings|


            Then perform a right click scan of the folder 'Application Data'...chances are that the infection will be removed automatically by McAfee


            if this doesn't work ...you can try amanual removal(perform at your own will)


            Open up the same location(C:\documents and settings\<user profile>\local settings|application data

            Open up Folder Options again and uncheck the options 1) Hide extensions for known file types and 2) Hide Protected Operating System Files

            Hit OK

            Now, in the current location,( C:\documents and settings\<user profile>\local settings\application data) check for an executable file with just 3 letters on the name

            eg (piq.exe, gog.exe)

            When you have found it, rename the file by taking out the 'exe' from it

            If there are multiple files of this type, rename all of them

            Close out everything

            Log off system

            Log back in

            The infection will now be disabled. You will no longer receive pop ups

            But you might now experience a certain problem called the open with error condition

            When you try to open any program, it might give a list of other applications to choose from which you can select one to open it up with. There's no point in selecting one as it will keep giving you this list repeatedly.

            For rectifying this problem, open up the 'Run' window and type in address http://www.tinyurl.com/r22b

            It will ask you whether to Run or Save thw file. Run the file.

            It might ask you permission to add certain entries to the registry. Grant access. The issue is resoved

            If the above address does not work try www.tinyurl.com/y6ej5b

            If both of the addresses do not work, open up My Computer

            If your address bar is not enabled, enable it

            try both addresses from there. It has to work....however if this does not work either... we are in a bit of trouble and you'll have to edit certain keys in the registry manually







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              I had an excellent answer to this problem emailed to me by har . It would be worth posting it here for others as it worked a treat


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                Peter M

                I already posted the answer in my post above.  The link posted may have been bad as another user has reported it and the board administrator now has to review it so please be careful.


                Also please never publish email addresses for safety reasons..


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                  Thanks for the warning but I have already used his suggested method which seems to have worked fine. Please let me know if there is some problem with it.

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                    Peter M

                    I don't know to be honest as it wasn't me who reported the post, but they said that the link was labelled as risky by browser security applications such as SiteAdvisor, WOT etc..

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                      There wasn't a link posted, I would not have opened that. It was a step by step procedure to cure the fault and ancilliary problems associated with the virus. It was simple and worked well so, if cleared by your board administrator, would be well worth publishing. With respect, was much simpler than going via bleepingcomputer.com, which I found complicated and McAffee was removing some of the downloads suggested by bleedingcomputer.com.

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                        Peter M

                        Well I don't know as I can't read it any more, sorry.  It's gone from my view altogether.    I PM'd har to tell him what to do.  (Contact the forums Admin).


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                          I don't understand as the advice from Har contained no links

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