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    high CPU load vstskmgr.exe when google desktop indexing


      When using google desktop in combination with VSE8.5, vstskmgr.exe generates high cpu loads. Every few seconds the vstskmgr.exe uses 100% CPU .
      When I stop google indexing the system and mcafee act normal.

      Who can help me on this.

      OS: XP/SP2 + all patches.
      VSE8.5 + patch 4
      Google Desktop:5.7.0712.18632-nl-pb

        • 1. RE: high CPU load vstskmgr.exe when google desktop indexing

          Hi Surf2Fast,

          I typically remove the Google Desktop from business PCs as I do not want any of my customers having a potential security breech. (This is not to say that Google is breeching the system, but rather, that some rogue service or program might utilize it without user consent.) The search engine does not provide enough benefit to justify the possible security issues that 'could' result, in my humble opinion. The same could be argued with Microsoft's Desktop search engine as well.

          Not that I recommend this, but have you tried temporarily turning off Buffer Overflow Protection and Disabling 'ScriptScan?' If disabling ScriptScan works, then it might be possible to 'Exclude' the Google Desktop Search indexer from the ScriptScan processes.

          I hope this helps some. Let us know what else we can do to help.

          Ron Metzger
          • 2. VirusScan + GoogleDesktop = repetitive CPU usage peaks

            I have the same problem. Disabling ScriptScan does not change anything. The only solution so far is to stop the indexing. :mad:
            It is a pity because I appreciate the benefits of Google Desktop.
            Thanks for your help.