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    mcafee installer will not work

      i have had mcafee for 2 years with no problems... in a few days my free facebook subscription is running out so i decided to uninstall it today and download the bt net protect plus because we been paying for it and didnt even realise it..... i unistalled mcafee using the add/remove feature and then used the removal tool to remove the left overs...... i deleted all the temps and cookies , and even used the preinstall and everytime i try it it says "mcafee intergrated security platform installer has stopped working"


      ive spent seven hours trying to make it work and endlessly googling for help, but everything says try the same things, the removal and preinstall stuff..... i removed mbam and even disabled my vista firewall and STILL could not make it work....


      ive reinstalled mbam and another AV for the minit, scanned my system and its completely clean...  ive tried EVERYTHING i can think of......   can somebody PLEASE help me because mcafee has been good to me for two years and i dont want to start trusting another product......


      im using a samsung r519    2years old..

                           windows vista

                           service pack 2

                           bt broadband option 3



      have made NO changes to my system, dont use torrents or download dodgy stuff, so i just don not understand the problem.


      also mbam and the other av downloaded without a problem.......





      im not sure if ive posted in the right section,,,if not feel free to move it to the appropiate place.

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