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    console wont open

      Hi people

      got on a website and a message something like `imminent system failure - scan now' came up. suspected this was a trap and ended everything with task manager. went to do a scan and the security console wouldn't open. a message `navigation to webpage cancelled' came up. have run the free security scan, stinger and vitual technician the only thing reported back from the vitaul technician was that a file was missing. if i try to run mcagent.exe or mcupdate.exe nothing happens. do i need to uninstall and re-install ?

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          Hello andy,

          Could you please confirm if you are referring to the Home version or the enterprise version of McAfee programs ?



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            Hello Dinesh

            thanks for the reply. its the home version. its sorted now, Got a technical support chat session and to cut a long story short uninstalled then reinstalled. The removal tool MCPR wouldn't work until i rebooted my PC in the safe mode. A piece of information that should be stated more promenently in any instructions by mcafee(or anyone else).