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    Web Reporter query excluding lunchtime




      Is it possible to run a query based on activity for past week but excluding hours 1-2pm ?





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          Yes,  sort-of.... But only for advanced reports on summary data.  The trick is to exclude the hours from under the query.


          I tried to set this up and the query we send to the database is a bit odd, but appears correct.


          Set up your report just as any other, but on the queries (Query Edit dialog), include "Hour" on the Query tab.

          Then go to the "Column properties tab" and select "Hour" from the left column. 

               - Optionally check the box to "Hide column"

               - put "13,14" (without quotes) in the "Exclude this data" box

          Click OK to save changes.



          As a side affect, the rows may not combine if you choose to hide the hour column.  They were combined prior to version, but engineering claims that was a bug that they fixed.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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            Thanks for the quick response, would 13,14 not exclude 2 hours data, I suppose I can't get down to minutes ?



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              Sorry, yes, just put 13 if you want 13:00-13:59.



              No, you cannot get down to the minute because summary data is grouped by hour.  For example, if you go to www.googlehttp://www.google.cohttp://www.google.co.com 3 times during the same hour, then you only get one record, but 3 hits.   Detail data keeps each record, but this would not work on detail data.  I'm sure you'd get a report, but I know it wouldn't be what you wanted or expected.