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    Got rid of 'Vista Security 2012' - now what?

      Hi All


      I have been reading all the help which has been offered to find out what to do now but need to ask specifically.


      My computer became infected with the Vista Security 2012, and in the end i took my PC to a local computer shop who do a virus removal service.


      I have the PC back and all seems to be working OK but two things are troubling me:


      1. Would it be best to do my own search on the PC to check no malware is still there? I do trust the shop but it would give me peace of mind. Malwarebytes seems to be the most recommended as a solution on here but when I followed the link, and i click 'download now', it takes me to the Majorgeeks site. Having just been infected, I'm now a bit terrified about downloading from an unknown source....


      2. Is the Vista 2012 thing in any way a keylogger type thing? I daren't log into my bank or cards sites for instance. (another reason why i wanted to download something to check myself)


      I am running McAfee antivirus but understand from here that it's best to have Anti-malware too - again is Malwarebytes the best for this?


      I'd really appreciate some advice - thanks