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    Logon to Windows 7 with 5.1.7

      Hi there!


      We need to encrypt a windows 7 laptop but are currently running 5.1.7 (I believe).  It encrypts fine, as I have tested with my own work laptop but it will not let you log into any other AD apart from the local workstation.  I have searched on here but have not found a solution.


      When you start up you log onto the encrypted drive as per normal and it starts loading windows.  Once windows has loaded and it asks you to press CTRL, ALT and Delete a small grey box with the domain of the machine name so it's a local account.  You can not change the name, nor try and overtype it as it will not log you in.


      My question is, how can you stop endpoint from taking over the login process so you can log in normally using the normal windows gina.