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    Is it possible for EEPC 6 working without AD or Ldap? or will it be possible?

      As, title,

      I am now facing a condition that I have no AD in one company, because we have many branch office,

      and many of them do not have a specific IT professional, so it is hard for now to build a complete AD.


      Now the question is, EEPC 6 requires to be connected to a AD through ePO, without AD you can't do a "EE ldap" jop,

      and you will have no EEPC users to assign.


      So is there a way to skip the EE ldap in ePO and create standalone users in EEPC 6 (just like in EEPC 5.2X)?

      why we don't use EEPC 5.2X is that, we have a large number of lenovo laptops 0196-rv4,

      when using EEPC 5.2.X, those laptops always hang and crash in pre-boot enviroment. (Even in 5.2.9)

      But using EEPC 6 is OK.


      If there is no way to use EEPC 6 without AD, I'd like to know will it be possible to do so in future releases?


      Thanks for your help!!