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    McAfee Agent 4.6 and VSE 8.8 Access Protection




      I have problems updating McAfee Agent 4.6 (RTM) on my systems.

      All my systems have installed McAfee Agent 4,6 (beta2) but upgrading fails every time.


      The installation starts, eventviewer reports success full install on the remove of the old agent

      On install of the new agent, the installation fails with event ID 11708. MSI exit code is 1603.


      Also found a solotion: Disable: Prevent modification of McAfee Common Management Agent Files and settings from the Access protection properties (Common Standard Protection).


      But this is not a rule I want to disable on my production environment(s).


      Is there another solotion for this problem.






      This is a problem with the hotfix;



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          No other solution available until 8.8 Patch 1 is released.

          Disabling a single access protection rule even temporarily is less risk than disabling the feature altogether, but it's understood some environments may not be able to be flexible in adopting a workaround. The alternate is to hold off the MA deployment until systems have been updated to 8.8 patch 1.