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    How do I unblock Firefox web browser from McAfee Security Centre

      I have only been using Firefox and McAfee in conjunction for 18 months so I was surprised to see McAfee Sec Centre ask  if it should allow a Firefox .exe to access my laptop.


      In my haste I selected no and now i can no longer access Firefox as a browseer, ansd when I open the centre for help the McAfee links no longer seem to work as I am assuming these are linked to Firefox. Reinstalling Firefox has not worked.


      Does anyone have a solution and if so please feel free to spell out exactly ewhat I need to do as if i am a 6 year old ... no words are too simple.


      So someone please help before I just uninstall McAfee and buy something that doesnt ask me to allow permissions to a piece of software I haave been using for years.


      Many thanks in advance