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    HTTP Distributed Repositories


      I am currently running ePO 4.5 (Patch 3) with 3 Linux FTP distributed repositories.


      Due to the network chatter of using FTP, I have been looking at introducing a http option to either replace or work along side my current configuration. Ideally i was hoping to use the same linux servers with Apache loaded and leverage off the existing configuration but have run into issues.


      When adding a new repository for HTTP, the configuration has the information for the DNS name / IP etc, and then has a mandatory field for the UNC Share.


      Does this mean that HTTP distributed repositories are only supported when running on windows?

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          Laszlo G

          Hi Katalyst ePO doesn't ask for an UNC share to setup an HTTP repository but just the http path (i.e. http://yourserver/repository).


          If it still asks for an UNC path can you post a screensshot?

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            I really didn't think it should either, but this is a screen shot of when i try and create one.





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              This is correct, although I'm not exactly sure why: ePO replicates to HTTP repositories by copying files to a UNC share. For FTP repos it uses native FTP commands like PUT, but - and I don't know why - this is not the case with HTTP.


              I don't believe there's a requirement for the HTTP repo to live on a Windows box: a Samba share should work fine. I'm sure there are other folks here who have this environment.


              HTH -



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                Thanks Joe.


                Not exactly the response I wanted to hear though, as I'm really not wanting to have to have Samba configured on the servers.


                I think i'm just going to have to cope with FTP for the time being.


                Would be interested to hear if anyone is able to tell me a way around it (or if the UNC requirement is removed in a future ePO versions) & if its worth logging an FMR.



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                  I'd certainly log an FMR... I'm not sure why this method was chosen: it may be that there's some restriction I'm not aware of - but an FMR will at least bring it to the dev team's attention.


                  Regards -



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                    I have a work around in my environment which appears to solve this issue (Thanks support!)


                    Because the servers are already configured to behave as distributed FTP repositories, we were able to configure Apache on the linux servers to point to the location of the files already residing on the servers.


                    The HTTP distributed repository was then configured in ePO with a dummy UNC path.


                    Because the files are already replicated to the server by FTP for the existing repository, there is no requirement for an additional server task to replicate to the new repository; therefore no need to utilise the UNC.


                    Not sure if the above makes sense - but in any case thought i would post in case anyone needs a similar solution.

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                      That's certainly a good workaround  

                      The only downside of course is that a you've got a singe point of failure - so if a replication to the ftp repo fails it takes out both the ftp and http repos - but as long as that's not a major problem then it'll work fine


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