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    Confirmation on how to create a user-defined 'smart' proxy in v8?


      I am in the process of configuring a brand new S3008 appliance running version 8 for a customer who is currently running v7.0.1.02 on an older piece of hardware.


      While looking at the configuration I have encountered something on the v7 box which I have yet to configure using version 8.


      The customer has created a user-defined proxy service on a specific TCP port, but has created it using the FTP proxy agent. When creating a user-defined application in v8, this doesn't seem to be quite so obvious. You are presented with a radio button to create an HTTP-specifc entry (in addition to TCP or UDP) and there's also a radio button called "Other". When "Other" is selected, you can then select a parent application (FTP) and change the port number from 21 to the port number required.


      When this newly-created application entry is selected the "Description" section confirms that is has been configured to use a different port number. However, if this entry is modified, when the pop-up window appears the TCP port number field reverts back to port 21 (not the port it was changed to).


      As more of an observation, it also isn't clear, when revisiting this application entry what the parent service is, as the list of parent applications is fully populated. It's only after you scroll down are you able to see that the originally selected parent application is highlighted. Could this information not be included in the "Description" field on the main Application page?


      I'm guessing that it could be equally viable to create an access rule using the FTP service and simply override the ports used. But by creating a stand-alone service it can then be included in an application group containing many other entries. So I just want to make sure that I am creating this user-defined application in the correct way.