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    Webwasher webgateway and Android devices

      Hi all,


      First post to the forum and I was hoping someone might be able to assist us with an issue we have run into in testing Android phones and tablets.


      We are currently testing a Motorola Xoom tablet, (Honeycomb 3.1) a Motorola Droid X, (Gingerbread) and an HTC MyTouch, (Gingerbread) and an Apple iPad 2.


      We have setup out network so that we can connect to our internal network via WiFi and we can access our backend servers and such via Citrix Receiver. On the iPad when we open a web browser and attempt to go to a website www.google.com for example we get the webgateway popup asking us the put in out user id and password.


      On the Android devices when we open the browser and attempt to go to www.google.com we get an error message as follows:


      Web page not available


      The webpage at http://webgateway1:9094/transuth?wwid=1308693101&url=http://www.google.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


      Is anybody else getting this error with Android devices and if so how did you solve it? Also, is anyone successfully using Webwasher with Android based devices?


      Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.