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    Web Post Protection Rule


      Hi All, In web post protection rule, can i block data upload to all web servers but exclude some web servers? DLP 9.1 version. Thanks!

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          Web post protection rule only has a protect feature for all web destinations or specific.  There isn't an option to exclude.


          A network communication protection rule would have the protect/exclude feature you want, you just have to use ip address definitions instead of domain name.

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            Hi Tony, I just worry if Web post block all but Network communication protection rule exclude one. So is it conflict, overwrite or something else? Thanks!

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              Hi, You can try the following


              1) create web defination and enter the name of the web servers e.g. hotmail.com, 4shared.com etc you want to exclude from uploading restriction list.

              2) Check the other doamins & uncheck the defined adresses and select the type of files you need to restrict from uploading.


              Hope this will help.

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                Hi Taha, i tried it but didn't work. Is that work for you? Thanks!

                Edited: i tried again and this worked. Thanks so much Taha!


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