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    Does anyone know any SaaS performance tweaks for desktops?

      I am rolling out SaaS endpoint to my clients and have about 200 already rolled out.  I am setting up group policies to exclude the programs they run most.  I also setup a daily scan to run around 4am.  I am finding that the scan runs when the user logs on in the morning and I get lots of complaints.  I have had to just turn off the daily scan.  I also have many complaints about system performance since installing the SaaS.  Even with Outlook.exe excluded, that is what they complain about most.  These are mostly systems with Exchange server in house.


      Does anyone have anything to share about tweaking SaaS to allow the system performance to not be tanked?


      Also we are still getting many viruses with SaaS.


      Thanks for any help you can give.

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          Hi Sally,


          I am not the saas expert, yet, however I will try to help you with some possible solutions.


          I woul just like to clear some things before being smart What did you mean with setting up group policy ? Did you mean policy on SaaS console or group policy from Windows Server ? Cause you need to set up policy in SaaS console - I gues you only made write mistake about that ya ?


          Is it possible that those users who log on in the morning also turn on the computer ? Maybe saas client activate scan because client missed it while it was being turned off (computer).


          About problems with outlook, you could try disableing scan email feature in virus & Spyware protection -> Advanced settings, however I do not recommend it. You can try and see if it change antything ?


          And about your virueses. Did you correctly set up virus & spyware protection policy in saas console ?





          Hope it helps, just a little bit Sally


          Oh and if may I ask, how come that you choose saas instead of ePO and VirusScan with so many clients ?




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            Yes, I meant policy, not group policy.  I have my clients in groups by location and then they have policies based on application.


            It is possible that the user is also doing a powerup at login and the scan is running due to missing the 4am scan, but I know of many users that have just logged on a machine that was powered up all night and the scan runs.  I have to just disable the daily scan, which I think is a feature I like.  I like a daily scan in addition to the real time scanning.


            Here are my settings from advanced:



            Virus Protection Settings

                 Sensitivity level: 

            Maximum percentage of CPU time allocated for on-demand and scheduled scans:

            Spyware Protection Settings



            Here are my exceptions or exclusions, that don't seem to be really working.


            FileC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\Macrium\Reflect\ReflectService.exe[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\gpg-agent.exe[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\bin\dbus-daemon.exe[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\MPower\MPX\MPX.exe[Remove]
            FileC:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$ADMINDB\Binn\sqlservr.exe[Remove]
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              Hi Sally,


              I have read your post.


              Since you have multiple issues with the McAfee we would like to offer you a call back to fix all these issues. For more details please check your personal message and reply back with the required details in order to help you further.





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                Hi Sally,



                I would recommend just one change from what you already have in your policy. You might want to disable the On demand scan to check rar files cuz out of my personal findings, if the zip/.rar is password protected, its of no use. Plus, SaaS takes a fairly long time to get through with the compressed files resulting in very long system scan times and also the strain on the system. Anyway, if a file is being decompressed, it will be taken care of the On Access Scanner.Problem solved.



                Now, This is the reason why McAfee is missing the scheduled scans. Even though the computers are switched on, there is a little tweak that you need to do with the POWER SETTINGS of the windows OS. It kicks into sleep mode and thus your scheduled scan goes haywire. Under Windows 7, Please follow these :-


                1} Go to Control Panel

                2} Hardware and Sound

                3} Power Options

                4} Whichever Power Plan you have, please click on Edit and then make sure you have the settings as shown below :-






                -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------



                I am sure, this will take care  of the missed scans.



                Now, you said you are getting viruses. Can you get into the detections tab and just paste a lil screenshot of the detections please ?



                I hope, the above helps.



                Thank you