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    Migrate Repositories to new ePO 4.6 server

      Hello all,


      I've inherited an ePO 4.5 server with a long list of ownership changes and upgrade history, and was tasked to upgrade to 4.6 and roll out VSE 8.8 and SiteAdvisor.  Given the history, I decided it would be best to just build a new virtual server from scratch. I've installed ePO 4.6, checked in VSE 8.8 and Site Advisor, and would like to export the agent (will be using Altiris for the deployment to clients), but would like to know how to migrate the repository list *correctly* from the old server to the new first.  I believe I have read that I can copy the sitelist.xml and sitemgr.xml files to the new server, but wouldn't that cause security key pair errors?  Can two servers share the same repositories (for the duration of the upgrade)?  Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks.