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      not sure if i'am on the right post but i have verizon d.s.l. & i brought there verizon internet security suit. last week i lost my connection with them then called and they said they can't hook back up to me take computer to shop, well 5 min's after that call i was back on line. but not with verizon d.s.l. then i found the file's were corupeted in the security suit so i deleted that and am useing free mcafee but can't find anything wrong, still have no ideal who i am getting my connection from ? in the task i do have around 60 processes running and 6 svchost.exe are these my connection's ? where ever it's coming from ? any help thank you. - update forgot to say that computer is running so slow not d.s.l. anymore and when my outlook mail come's in it open's but all mail is blank then 15 sec's later after new mail come's in then it all pop's up for me to read ect. also in my network connections it went to connection 4 ? compac running xp-2 2 yr's old. ok going to cut up & grind some deer burger happy happy thank's
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          Peter M
          I don't believe that Verizon Security Suite is anything to do with us as I just found their online support number: You can reach Verizon Online Technical Support at (800) 567-6789.

          By "Free McAfee" please clarify what exactly you are using:

          Please include the following information:

          What is your operating system, service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft update?

          What McAfee products do you have? If your taskbar icon is like this: - right-click it and go to each application "About" and post the details.
          If it is like this: - double-click to open SecurityCenter and then click "View Details" or "About" at the lower right of the new window. Post the details from each module.