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    Migrate EPO 4.0 > 4.5 new server name and IP

      Hi All,


      I am currently looking at upgrading our current version of McAfee EPO (4.0 Patch 5) over to a newer version 4.5 Patch 4.


      Currently the EPO server is a physical machine, but on moving over to 4.5 it will be a virtualised on new hardware with a different hostname and IP address.


      I have read many discussions regarding this, but cannot see anything that relates to my issue. The issue I have is that within the system tree in ePO we use the sorting criteria for the IP addresses, and due to the system tree being quite big, I really didn’t want to lose this information, so was hoping it could be exported in some way?


      I can take an offline copy of the existing database if required and upgrade to 4.5 to enable me to use the export function (which I am told is only part of 4.5 onwards?), however I cannot see how I can also keep the IP filter details on each of the groups.


      I am also not sure if I can carry across the systems to a new server that has a different IP/Hostname and keep the data I want, but any advice would be appreciated.


      Many Thanks