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    Is this strange executable (Awvon.exe) an unknown Nasty?

      Not sure if this is the correct place to post. This is all very new and confusing to me. I have already posted this question incorrectly elsewhere in this community... I deleted that and reposted. Hopefully this is the right place this time.


      Either way, yesterday on my home PC I found an item in my startup directory that was firing off to a file named 'awvon.exe'. The item in Startup could be disabled. But when it was 'removed' it created itself again. Guessing it must be a nasty if if continued regenerating itself like this I disabled it. I renamed the executable file (that was sat in the main roaming profile on my PC). When I rebooted and everything was fine without the file. I removed the registry entry, removed the startup entry then removed the exe file. I rebooted again and it appears to have definately  gone now (hopefully).


      The problem is that running McAfee both beforehand and afterward showed no issues. So this 'awvon.exe' may not have been malicious although it didnt appear to actually be doing anything at all. I have google searched the name and got absolutely no hits on it. There is no sign of it in a couple of executable 'libraries' that I have checked. I am posting on here in the hope that someone has heard of 'Awvon.exe' or knows what it actually does?


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