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    WebGateway 6.8.7 Browsing Restriction Question

      Hi, we need help with the following:



      1. To create a policy that will denied members of an Active Directory group from browsing to specific websites


      2. Be able to add/remove sites to/from this policy when needed


      3. Be able to report on violations of the policy




      Please provide us with instructions on how to this on version 6.8.7 of the WebGateway. Thanks.

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          Jon Scholten

          Hi sgtdevildog,


          This would be done in three stages (assuming authentication is already setup).


          1. Create the policies


          This is done under User Managment > Policy Managment > Policy Managment


          2. Modify the policies


          This is done under the respective filter's section, so... URL Filter > Category actions, you set the respective categories to block or allow. When you want to change what policy you are modifying simply change the "Policy:" dropdown to that policy.



          3. Assign AD groups to those policies


          This would be done using the Web Mappings (User Managment > Policy Management > Web Mapping), in this you define mappings (which are rules which say user-x gets policy-Y, or group-B gets policy-C).


          Hope this helps.