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    Dual Drive setup Mcafee Endpoint Encryption



      I am struggeling with Mcafee EE for a while now.


      My employer has MEE installed on my business laptop for obvious reasons.

      The operating system is windows XP (very oldschool)

      As I would like to run Windows 7 besides XP on a SSD, I swapped the harddrive for the SSD installed windows 7, then reinstalled the HD again with the SSD as 2nd disk.


      (by chosing the disk in the BIOS boor menu, I could choose which operating system I wanted to boot)


      This worked fine, but somehow the XP installation always knew how to mess up the Windows 7 boot sector.


      Note, I dont want the SSD (2nd) disk to be encrypted.


      My question is, is this the right approach ? and is it possible to enclude the drive from MEE touching it ? (as I got a feeling Mcafee somehow tries altering the rive and that then my Windows 7 doesnt boot anymore.


      Any tips / tricks are very welcome !




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