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    Stop the identity theft pop up

      Hi there, is there any way that I can stop the annoying identity theft pop up?  I'd sure appreciate any help!  Thanks.

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          I haven't seen this. Can you take a screenshot and post it?

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              Tracy Romine

              Go to your Start button (bottom left of computer screen) > Programs > Startup.


              The start-up folder should have a McAfee Anti-Theft icon on it.  Just delete that icon by right clicking it, and selecting 'delete'.

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                Hi there,  I checked and it's not in the Startup.  It shows up in the lower right of my screen as soon as I connect with the internet.  It gives me the option of 'Close" or "Learn More"....really annoying that it keeps popping up.  Thanks any way....will likely cancel my subscription with McAfee and go with another program. 

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                  Tracy Romine

                  My mistake.  I thought you were talking about Anti-Theft.  I will escalate to our Support team to see if we can get you the right answer.  This is odd, as I have the program but never see this pop-up.

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                    I'm also getting this annyoying pop ups.

                    I've asked to Live Assist Technicians to help solve the matter, but the pop ups always comes back even after the LAT assured me that it will now.


                    Here's how the pop up looks like.

                    annoying Pop up.jpg


                    I'm also very keen to know how to stop that pop up from popping up on my desktop.

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                      Actually,  these are promotional alerts intended to help you maintain the highest level of online protection available for our customers &  . But do notice that you’re given the option to either “Learn More” or to simply “Continue Whatwhat (you) Were Doing” & don’t be afraid to check out the offers being presented in these promos. This is often a great way to really save on McAfee’s featured products .

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                        It is the principle of things, and how the information is being 'presented' to us that is annoying. I believe all the users have already had email notifications. We don't need the 'promotional alerts', as you call them to further intrude on our desktops. We need an option to totally and permanently disable the 'promotional alerts'


                        It could be just that one item at the moment. Who knows what other 'promotions' might be added in the future. And the frequency that it 'pops up'


                        I'm a subscriber and still have about half a year left in my subscription. However, I do not intend on extending my subscription anymore if the 'promotional alerts' keep appearing. Just imagine, I might be in the middle of a business presentation, and suddenly the 'promotional alert' pops up. I can't do anything else until i closed it away. It is intrusive, and very unprofessional.

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                          I agree with kaykhoon!  If I want something from McAfree I will look for it....I do not want any 'promotional alerts' from anyone -  I get enough of them through emails.  This thing has popped up every single time that I've Iogged into my computer since about June 15th.  It has also popped up when I've been working on projects.  It's ridiculus that I cannot disable this thing permanently.  I'm not going to wait for my subscription to expire....I'm going to expire McAfee.  There are plenty of other good programs out there.


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