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    Unable to setup EEPC for DELL Latitude E6420 and E6320

      Hi All,


      I really need your help from you guys. Currently I’m facing problem to setup EEPC for my new laptop Dell Latitude E6420 and E6320. I'm using hard disk Hitachi- SATA 7200RPM and latest BIOS A04 version. For my new laptop I am using OS Window XP SP3. When I setup EEPC for my laptop this error comes out.


      SATA Operation set to Raid On = Once log in, error is Resetting Hardware.. Starting Operating System..

      SATA Operation set to ATA = Once log in, error is it just “Hang”

      SATA Operation set to AHCI = Once log in, error is blue screen when entering Windows


      I had performed a lot of method to make it running, I had installed EEPC within new laptop and enter BIOS and try to do changes on the SATA operation and then the error come out.


      After that, I format new laptop, enter BIOS to changed the SATA operation mode to ATA and then deployed EEPC. I have already performed bot method but still getting the same issues.


      Please advise..