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    msiexec.exe malware in Windows 7

      Has anyone had this experience or know how to solve the problem?


      Last night, I somehow picked up a malware version of msiexec.exe in a User folder.  I deleted it, but it reappears every time I boot.


      When I boot the system, I get a User Account Control prompt saying msiexec.exe wants to make changes to my system.  I click No, of course, but the prompt keeps re-appearing and the rest of the screen is dimmed out, so I can't click on anything else or start the Task Manager.


      I finally found that if I click on the "change notifications" button in the prompt (I don't think that's actually the name of the button, but it's something like that), that breaks me out of the prompt loop and I can access the rest of my desktop and use Task Manager to kill the process.


      McAfee didn't detect any problem with the file.