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    Is "Windows 7 Restore" trojan and "Windows 7 Repair" trojan the same?

      Hi folks, this is my first post here, and i'm hoping someone can help.


      I recently got hit by a trojan presenting it's self as Windows 7 Repair....sounds a lot like the Windows 7 restore virus that's been mentioned. I was wondering if someone could confirm the remedies are the same as well.


      McAffee didn't stop it, but i managed to kill it, and remove the registry entries, and using "unhide.exe" i got files visible again, but with two differences that i've not seen anyone mention.


      The start menu>all programs....almost everything came up as showing an empty file rather than the programs, despite them being there.


      No matter what i do, i can't see the Control panel Adminitrative programs, either from the start menu, or from control panel itself.


      Any clues would be very welcome.