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    Total Protection and "Vista Recovery" malware + trojans--WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

      I'm running McAfee Total Protection with real-time scanning on full time and I don't visit web sites that are marked as questionable by McAfee SiteAdvisor but, last week I'm infected by the "Vista Recovery" malware.  It was a major bad infection that stopped me from running both the McAfee scanner and MalwareBytes scans.  I kept getting all these crazy pop-ups and most of my files had disappeared!  To add insult to injury, while all these notices from "Vista Recovery" are popping up McAfee tells me that it's just removed two trojans and my system is now "safe"!  Talk about "dumb, fat, and happy!"  McAfee might have been but I sure wasn't--at least I was not happy.  


      I ended up pulling the hard drive out of the system and hooking it to another computer and when I ran Malware Bytes on it I managed to get rid of the malware.  I then ran McAfee and it "found" more trojans.  I then ran "unhide" and got most of my files unhidden.  I don't think that I've got a completely clean system but it's working for now.  I'll probably just trash the system, start over,  and restore the important stuff from the backup.


      Anyhow, now I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong to get the malware in the first place.  Also, I'm running real-time scanning full time but when McAfee does it's scheduled scan it sometimes teports that it's found a trojan or two!  If real-tim scanning is on how in the heck do the trojans get on the system?  I'm running McAfee Total Protection on six different computers and if it's not going to protect me I guess that I'm wasting my money on it. 


      Anybody have any suggestions on what else I could do to protect my system?  I'm running MS Vista on the computer in question and I keep the operating system and all other software updated.