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    cannot connect to server

      when trying to register and update it saying cannot connect to server its virus scan 4.0.4
      what do i do
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          Are you sure that's the version number of your VirusScan program? I don't think you've got it correct. Please check again. (RIGHT click on the McAfee shield in the lower right corner, (or the red "M"), then choose "About VirusScan"..) This is the corporate "Enterprise" forum and you'll need to verify which version of VirusScan you have running. In addition, which operating system are you using.

          If you're actually using VirusScan 4.0, (There was a 4.0.3, but I don't remember a 4.0.4 version.) it's so old that I'm amazed it was operational at all. The only operating system it might be able to function on is Windows 98.. Neither Windows 98 or VirusScan 4.0 are supported any longer and you'll need to install a newer version.

          Hope this helps.