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    Shredder Doesn't Work 6-18-11

      Shredder not longer works on my PC. I click on "Data Protection", the resulting screen says that Shredder is installed, but when I click on Shredder nothing happens.


      Nothing happens if I click on QuickClean either. The McAfee screen claims QuickClean is also installed.


      I tried using McAfee Virtual Technician. The first two times it failed to complete. The next two times it said it did not find any problems.


      I checked the update option. My PC is up to date.


      So is Shredder still an application McAfee supports? Note: about a year ago McAfee went from allowing shredding of individual files to only shredding entire folders, without giving anyone any notice. So did you discontinue Shredder without any notice?


      How do I get Shredder working again?


      I've attached a jpg file  showing the McAfee screen that says Shredder is installed.

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          Shredder is still around but is not as comprehensive as it used to be.


          This is what it should look like shen you click Shredder:




          Maybe your McAfee software has become corrupted somehow,


          Uninstall it via Control Panel as with any programme.


          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Reboot and reinstall the software from your online account.

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            You provide a screen of what Shredder should look like after clicking on "Shredder".


            Is this a new screen?


            This is not the screen that has come up for the last year when Shredder was working on my PC. Are there version or product variations with regard to the operation of Shredder? It previously just allowed me to choose a folder, not the recycle bin or temporary internet files. Is this new?

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              This is the latest version of SecurityCenter for 2011, version 11.0.555 which everyone will get eventually.


              When you opt for 'Let me choose' then click Shred up comes a Windows Explorer box where you can shoose folders.

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                I did the uninstall, mcpr.exe and reinstall. Shredder is back. Everything seems to be on and working OK. Thanks for the help. I don't have time to check everything today. Will look in more detail tomorrow to make sure everything is enabled, and all blocks are in place on the firewall.


                A suggestion. In looking at a McAfee web page it wasn't clear to me whether I had to deactivate my license before reinstalling, that the reinstallation would reactive the license. There were instructions on how to do this. In the end I did not deactivate my license. It would be useful if McAfee specifically said in the instructions not to deactivate the license, which I assume was the right thing.

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                  If you uninstalled first using the normal Control Panel method then that would deactivate the license.  The reinstallation would then reactivate it.   I agree there needs to be clear instructions on that.