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    McAfee Virus Scan Plus Stops Offline Defragmentation of (Raxco) PerfectDisk 11 on PC


      Boot time Defragmentation produces the following message:



      Raxco PerfectDisk 11. Copyright (c)2010                                       |


      Starting boot-time defragmentationpass.                                       |

      Press ESC to terminate boot-timedefragmentation.                    |


      Starting optimization for C:\                                                                 |

           Verifying...Done                                                                                 |

           Analyzing...Done                                                                                |

           Defragmenting system files...Done                                              |

           Defragmenting pagefile...Done                                                    |


      Your computer must be restarted.                                                      |

      Hit any key to restart immediately.Restarting in  0 seconds.        |




      If I Hit a key early, or let time runout this Freezes on this Screen with the Message inside the Dashed Lines.


      Why does it do This?  Al Adams



      P.S.  McAfee Support IS NO HELP,  Just a Waste of Time on the Phone, How Come NO email Support! 

      This Sucks, I may have to Switch to NOD 32


      Al Adams



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