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    EPO Plugin error -1011 VIRUSSCAN8000

      We upgraded the EPO agent to
      That went okay.

      A few weeks later we tested upgrading from VirusScan 8.0i to 8.5i

      That went okay.

      However, I'm seeing this error in the EPO agent log on a LOT of workstations (and EPO console is reporting that machines still have 8.0i on them when they don't):

      20071220131525 I #312 Manage DoesSoftwareExists SoftwareID=VIRUSCAN8000
      20071220131526 W #312 Sched Plugin checking: error -1011, SoftwareID = VIRUSCAN8000
      20071220131526 E #312 Sched <<--IsSWInstalled hr=-1011(0xfffffc0d)

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but that registry key should NOT exist since 8.0 is no longer on the machine, right?