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    Personal Firewall - Major Bug


      Hi All,


      This is a major Bug affecting all versions of McAfee Personal Firewall to my knowledge.


      Problem in Windows 7 Home Premium before installation of Service Pack 1. When you are working with Network Drives using Explore, and you come across a condition which causes Explore need to close and check for problems and solutions, it waits a long time.


      The problem is that iWindows Error Reporting needs access to the Internet and if McAfee has picked up on that need, the User never sees the Decision Window from McAfee, because Explore has crashed and everything is frozen. It is only after you Restart the computer, do you get to see tha Decision Window, but too late to click Allow Access.


      This keeps repeating.

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          Peter M

          In your Firewall > Program Permissions/Internet Connection for Programs (varies with version), both Windows Explorer and Windows Problem Reporting/Error Reporting (varies with version) and Problem Reports and Solutions all should have Full access, then that shouldn't happen.   This happens if you lock down the firewall or otherwise deviate from standard settings as then you need to make sure such processes have access before the fact rather than afterwards.



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