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    I think I am more unlucky! The wrong way! Depressed.

      Is now a problem has emerged,

      Said: "Personal folder to save location is not valid, you do not have permission to write data at this position, please re-select."

      This is when I install the software appear in another case!

      We also want to discuss together! Thank you! Help me puzzled! To express my gratitude!


      This should be how to set permissions? If you are setting the family, family should be how the default password?

      I am using Microsoft win7 system! Should be how to set? Also please help me! Thank you!

      Issue the following screenshot:


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          We cannot help if you wont tell us what McAfee products and versions you are using. 


          I am not sure what the above has to do with McAfee but as we do not understand each other in your other thread anyway, would you please contact Chinese Technical Support.


          Linked under Useful Links at the top of this page or here:  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1028&sg=TS




          我們不可能幫助,如果您不會告訴我們什麼McAfee產品和版本您使用。 我不是肯定的什麼以上和McAfee有关,但是,當我們不無論如何彼此了解您的其他螺紋的,請您与中國技术支持联系。連接在這裡有用的鏈接之下在這頁頂部或:  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1028&sg=TS


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            Waiting for advice from a Chinese friend of a friend to see what the messages say. Google Translate can't help 'cos it's all screenshots. (Edit) As far as I can see the message in both is the same, and I assume it's the equivalent of the English translation given in the thread's first message. The original question was all about Cannot Download Updates : I'm guessing that there's a proxy server involved, which would perhaps account for that. This one though looks like a generic tech question. We're being asked about it because, well, we're here. And presumably helpful.


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              The messages in the QQ popups are as given in the first message : You Do Not Have Permission To Write To This Folder.


              It looks like a simple Access Permission issue. I assume setting the permissions in Windows 7 is not that different from doing it in XP? Find the folder in Explorer, right-click on it and select Properties, and make sure that the Read-Only box is unchecked.Properties.JPG