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    Agent Deployment tasks don't work




      I noticed something weird.


      I created a server task that first runs a query "Query_A" that lists all clients without an agent in the epo directory.

      Then I add an sub action " Deploy McAfee Agent"


      When I execute that task I see in the server Task logs that the query finds some clients without an agent and start to deploy the agents to them
      BUT they all expires (why ??? (The subtasks Tab in the task log stays empty))



      6/17/11 5:17:25 PM Started: Run Query
      6/17/11 5:17:25 PM Completed: Run Query (The query 'Query_A' was run as a scheduled command or part of a scheduled command chain. )
      6/17/11 5:17:25 PM Started: Export to File - report
      6/17/11 5:17:25 PM Completed: Export to File - report (Export to File (004001a_Sync%26Deploy_TTG_-_Start_Install_Agent_On_%28Query%29) was successful.)
      6/17/11 5:17:25 PM Started: Deploying agents to 159 system(s)
      6/17/11 5:38:28 PM Completed: 0
      6/17/11 5:38:28 PM Failed: 0
      6/17/11 5:38:28 PM Expired: 159
      6/17/11 5:38:28 PM _004001_Deploy Agent (Query) [TTG-TTG] (Deploy Agents)





      But when I run the same query "Query_A" manually, select all the clients from the query out put and apply a "Deploy Agent" task to them via the actions menu it does install the agents as it supposed to do. (ans the subtasks tab of the server task log does show an proper overview)



      6/17/11 5:48:19 PM Started: Deploying agents to 159 system(s)
      6/17/11 5:51:26 PM Completed: 40
      6/17/11 5:51:26 PM Failed: 2
      6/17/11 5:51:26 PM Expired: 117
      6/17/11 5:51:26 PM Completed: Deploying agents to 159 system(s) (Deploy Agents)




      Why does it work manually and not via a server task? (I use the exact same settings/parameters in both deployment tasks)?




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          Laszlo G

          When you see the "expired" status it usually means that the ePO server cannot reach these computers to deploy the agent.


          But when you launch the task I suppose you're launching it through the web interface of your computer but no from the ePO server. First thing you should do is to check details of the deployment so you can see the exact problem with it

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            I tried launching it from both my computer and the eposerver both with the same results


            What other details than the "Server Tesk Log Details" can I check?
            following these logs the server doesn't even try to connect to the clients via the server tasks (Subtasks listing stays empty)