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    VSE 8.8: Troubleshooting slow developers machines?


      Hi there,


      I have a small team of developers on their own custom VSE 8.8 Policy.


      They had numerous issues with their software taking 60 minutes + to download and compile.


      A few exceptions later and its down to ten minutes. however over the last 2 weeks the check out time has gone to taken 30 minutes.


      How do you troubleshoot these sorts of issues? I have the folder on their drive excluded (its tons of java files) where the files are going and also the temp directory of their development software.


      How do you test and ensure they are working? I generally create a blank text file with the 'fake virus' code in it to see if the on access scanner picks it up.


      thanks for any help!



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          Hi Pierce,


          You could always try excluding the java extensions from the script scanner component of VSE and see if it makes a difference, or exclude them from the on-access scanner.  Not that I'd recommend that you do that indefinitely but it will let you know which component is still scanning the files, if any, and then you can take it from there.


          Hope it helps,


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            thanks for your help Gary,


            I have already disabled script scan and added all the folder exclusions of their development tools to the on-access scanner. It seems to help for a few weeks then everything started getting slow again.


            These users have never had an virus issue so im prepared to be a bit lax with their security if it improves their productivity.


            Currently evulating if safeboot 5.2.5 could be causing the slowness, the machines have over 1 million local files (one has 2.5 million....) and trying to remove safeboot is going to take 16 hours....