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    What is it about 'Schedule Your Scan' that is hard to understand ?

      OK, that's rhetorical but I really want to know why, since I have scans scheduled for every Friday at 4:00 AM, I have had to cancel scans that have tried to start at vcarious times in the middle of the day, several days after or before Friday.  Most recently one tried to start this evening (Thursday) about 8:00 PM - 8 hours before the scheduled time.  Surely there have been planty of opportunities for retries since last Friday if that scan ran into difficulty.  It seems to be simply random.

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          Ok 1st question

          What version on virusscan have you. Asking as scheduled scan in 2010 version ie VS 14.? was controlled by activity where when a scheduled update occurs, McAfee checks to see if machine is idle. If not, it waits 10 minutes and checks again. If idle, installs update. After two hours of checking, if machine is still not idle, update will proceed anyway. The PC had to be idle for 10 minutes for the scan to start. The issue is if you turn it off before the 2hrs mark and say restart it tomorrow it will keep trying to start the scan till the 2 hr mark. I had it not run for 6 days testing this by turning the PC on for 60 minutes at a time. Not a good feature this so called smart timer .


          In 2011 version ie VS 15.? the feature is renamed idle timer and instead of 10minutes idle time the software checks CPU usage and if not passing 10% in that 10minutes prior to scan start the scan will start. Unfortunately keeping a PC with no >10% cpu peaks in that time is a tad hard so we get the same issues we saw above. There will be a patch coming in a couple months or so whre you can disable this idle timer feature. We mods have been pressing for this for 2 years now, that fix or a sliding CPU setting.


          What I do is do a full scan then go away and have a beer while it does the scan.


          I do see what you are complaining about it will be fixed as I mentioned.


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            If I boil all of that down to "scheduling scans is pretty twisted" then I have clarity.  Thank you.  I am still not satisified that McAfee has not actually fixed it with such clarity among Mods and other "experts".


            From my 30-year expereince as a Product Manager (certainly not at McAfee) and more than 12 years as a McAfee product user, here is my Requirement/functional design:


            At the scheduled time for a scan, if keyboard has been idle for more then 15 minutes, start scan.  If keyboard has not been idle for 15 minutes, present pop-up describing scheduled scan with 15-minute countdown timer (running), a Start Scan button, a Cancel Scan button and a Set Scan Time button.  If there is no activity on that pop-up and countdown time expires, start scan.  On_click Start Scan, start scan.  On_click Cancel Scan, hide pop-up and end its process (including timer), without affecting persistent Scheduled Scan settings.  On_click Set Scan Time, present a second pop-up with two interoperative gadgets: (1) a regular time picker labeled "Time for Scan", and (2) a pair of spin buttons for hours and minutes labeled "Delay Scan by::, a Cancel button and an OK button. Using either gadget modifies the default display of the other gadget accordingly.  On_click Cancel, the second pop-up is hidden and its process is ended, reverting to the first pop-up and continuing countdown timer.  On_click OK, both pop-ups are hidden, the counting down by the last-set value of the Delay Scan by gadget is started (without affecting the persistent Scheduled Scan settings).  On expiration of that countdown timer, the application re-enters the logic tree started above, except that the idle-time determinant is 1-minute.

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              That is a good boil down summary, we have been saying as much since Smart timer came out.


              I have taken your suggestions and posted them in the ideas area



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                UPDATE -


                On a callback, possibly from 2nd level, the support technican explained to me that the timer does not work properly if a screen saver is running.  Let's look at that.


                "Smart" timer fights with screen saver over mutially exclusive definition of idleness. Hmmm.


                Product managers at McAfee aimed Antivirus Plus at those computer users who prefer burned-in screens over screen savers. So it's my fault for self-selecting out of that psychographic.  Hmmm.


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                  I am on the Board of not-for-profit ProductCamp Austin and am inviting every McAfee Product Manager to come to the next all-day event in our very popular ProductCamp series on 7 August, in Austin Texas - for FREE.  (travel not included) I think it would be very valuable for them.

                  Sorry no links allowed  If they want they can google the event PK


                  Disable the screen saver and the cpu on my high level PC spikes at 12% at least 1 time in the 10 minute period. Even disabled gadgets etc. Anyway added an idea


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