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    McAfee update prevents WindowsXP from loading properly

      I have McAfee VirusScan Plus and I am running WindowsXP Professional. 

      The McAfee Security Center downloaded an automatic updated on approximately May 31.  The first time I restarted the computer after the update, the display settings were completely messed up - the display was set to the lowest possible resolution and I was unable to change it to a higher resolution.  I tried rebooting, but nothing helped.  After the 2nd or third time I rebooted, and then got an error screen from Windows which read:-

      "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"

      The error code that is referenced at the end of the message is:-

      STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xD934D184, 0xBA516D44, 0xBA516A40)

      Unfortunately, I have not made major changes to my computer and thus have no system restore points and hence cannot do a system restore.

      I tried deleting McAfee, but I was unable to completely delete as per the instructions on the McAfee site.  I was able to remove it via Windows Control Panel Remove Programs, but the software from McAfee was unable to complete the job.  I reinstalled McAfee, and the problem persists.

      Fortunately, I am able to run Windows in Safe mode, but that is obviously not a desireable outcome.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          What are the hardware specs for your PC - processor, motherboard especially? Microsoft know about this, but it's a hardware-related question.

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            I said it's a hardware question : make that *probably* a hardware question.

            The following is an excerpt from MVP Jim Eshelman's web page for STOP

            errors at http://www.aumha.org/win5/kbestop.htm




            A system thread generated an exception which the error handler did not catch. There are numerous individual causes for this problem, including hardware incompatibility, a faulty device driver or system service, or some software issues. Check Event Viewer (EventVwr.msc) for additional information.


            The hardware and specialist PC forums (and Microsoft too) have hundreds of posts about this error.


            I'll need to know what version of XP (Home, Pro?) you're running, and which Service Pack. Do you know the version number?


            If you can download this little utility from SysInternals it will tell you everything you need to know. Likewise Speccy will give you the hardware info, if your system can get into Windows to run it.

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              Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful reply.

              I am running a Dell Workstation 490.  Using that utility you referenced:-

              CPU Quad 2.33 GHz Intel Xeon(R)  E5345

              IE Version 8.0.6001.18702

              Network Card Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller - McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport

              OS  Version Windows XP

              Service Pack - Service Pack 2


              I am 99% confident that it is Windows XP Professional version.


              Thanks again for your help

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                First thing to note is that you're running an out of date version of XP. You need to get SP3, which will include most of the fixes and patches for this problem.


                There are very many possible causes for an 0x7e message. Did the error message have the format Error (0x7e) in <filename>?


                Do you also get a BSOD? And do you have a Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 Joystick with a game port? That was one of the causes described by Microsoft. If you have, remove it and reboot.


                You should get SP3 and see whether the problem is still present. I can't guarantee that any fix I give you will work on XP if you're still running SP2.

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                  Thanks for your suggestion.


                  I downloaded SP3, but it did not remove the issue.

                  There was no mention of <filename>

                  I did not see a BSOD; I do not have the Soundblaster.



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                    Will pick this up tomorrow. I need to sort through the possibilities.

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                      Glad I found this thread. I think the last McAfee update is the root cause of the same problem I am seeing. About 10 days ago I received a Security Centre update (11.0.555). Since then I am seeing various Windows File Protection (WFP) messages in the event log, most on shutdown.


                      Most of the WFP messages are verification failures as the system is shutting down. However, WFP sometimes manages to replace one or more of my ATI Video Card drivers with an earlier version stored (I think) in a CAB file located in the CatRoot folder of Windows. When I reboot, my ATI set-up is now corrupt and my screen is 640x480 and 4 bit colours. Reinstalling the ATI drivers gets me back to normal - but the problem reoccurs usually within a day or two.


                      WPF also attempts to replace other files, not related to my ATI drivers. I focused on the ATI driver problem as I could obviously see the issue. But now I am convinced there is no issue with my ATI set-up or WPF. They are symptoms and not the root cause.


                      I can trace this problem back to the day of the last McAfee software update. Before then, my PC has run rock solid for 7 years with no WPF entries in the Event Log.


                      If this turns out to be a McAfee gaff that has cost me many, many hours before I found this thread - then I am removing McAfee and switching to Kaspersky. Not a threat, just fed up with McAfee.


                      My system:

                      Windows XP SP3

                      ATI Radeon X1650

                      McAfee security centre v11.0 build 11.0.555


                      I am also going to post this on what I believe is a related thread on this forum - so please no flames for my (intentional) cross post.

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                        Thank you very much.  I look forward to hearing back from you. 

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                          Thank you very much.  Please let me know what you find out from other sources.  Meanwhile, please check back here as I am sure Hayton will have something for us. 

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