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    EPO 4.6 Automatic response


      Hi All, I am using EPO 46 to deploy to a new infrastructure.  I have deployed an RSD sensor that is picking up machines on the pilot subnet.  I have an Automatic response rule that pushes a new agent to a machine if its in the correct domain.  I have used this serveral times with EPO 45 and its worked well.  With EPO 46 I am getting about a 95% failure rate.  The error is allways as follows.


      Error copying file C:\Windows\TEMP\mfe1377038281.tmp\FramePkg.exe to \\XXXXXXXX\ADMIN$\FramePkg.exe, system error: Access is denied.


      If I select the machine in the RSD page and do an agent push it works every time.  I have double checked the account being used, and reentered the password to make sure its correct. 


      EPO Server is running on a win 2008 server.


      Any ideas on where to loom to resolve this.