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    Problems with Google Chrome and McAfee Total Protection

      I have been using Google Chrome for probably about 2 years. I prefer it over other browsers for several reasons. The first year I didn't have a problem. Sometime after the last time I resubscribed to McAfee, where I changed to Total Protection (I can't recall the name of the software I had before, but I know it was different, although also McAfee) I have had several problems with Google Chrome. At least once a week, I will get a pop up saying an unauthorized program is requesting internet access, Google Chrome, and click to allow access. I always choose the option to always allow. Since I have started getting those pop-ups, I have intermittant problems with Chrome. It will say Page Cannot Be Displayed, as if my internet is not connected, but I can use IE or Firefox to connect to the internet. I have tried all the troubleshooting on the Chrome website, none of it works, except for uninstalling, then reinstalling Chrome. I have had to do that 3 different times, and now tonight it again won't allow me access, although a few hours ago I was on Chrome, and I got the warning pop-up, when I again chose to allow. A half hour later my husband tried to connect using Chrome and it wouldn't work, but here I am writing from Firefox. I have a second computer in my home that does not have McAfee protection of any sort, I have had that computer for over a year, and I have never once had a problem with Chrome on it. Can anyone tell me what the deal is? Do I need to find a different security provider if I would prefer to continue using Chrome on my primary computer?