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    cannot remove virus from quarantine


      I'm running Virusscan Enterprise 7.1.0. It imediately quarantined an as\downloader trojan, but doesn''t allow me to manually delete it. Anyboy know if I should be concerned, and if so how I can delete it? Is it a question of turning off on-access scan?


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          Yes, disabling VirusScan entirely should allow you to manually delete any file from the Quarantine folder.. On the other hand, if you're referring to a problem with VirusScan being unable to delete the trojan from the system, then you may need to run a different type of tool.. There are a number of multifaceted trojans and spyware out there and some of them require an antispyware/antitrojan removal tool.. VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i has an antispyware component that is available.. Or... you can use one of the variety of other good tools such as the one at the link below.. By the way.. try running the removal tools in "Safe Mode".. They tend to do a better job that way.

          Antispyware Tool #1

          By the way, hopefully you're aware that VSE 7.1 is no longer supported.

          Hope this helps.

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            Many thanks for your help Grif - whatever happened (I deleted some hidden folders within the Content.IE5 folder, downloaded the latest McAfee update and installed the AVG Antspyware program) the trojan is no longer in the quarantine folder and an AVG scan found only cookies. I see that VSE 7.1 will no longer be supported from Jan 08. I will have to fend for myself antivirally from the same date, would you have any suggestions on how best to protect myself?

            Many thanks for your advice,

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              Personally, if you're in a corporate situation and you want to stay with a corporate version, I think McAfee VirusScan 8.5i is one of the best out there for detecting viruses. Contact your corporate IT folks for the installation. In addition, there is an antispyware add-on for 8.5i which should keep you safe from the other types of adware and spyware attackers as well.

              If you're not able to use the corporate VirusScan, there are a number of of great antivirus programs available simply by searching the internet. Sorry I can't be of more assistance...

              Hope this helps.