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    McAfee and Malwarebytes - can they run together?



      To the point:

      I purchased and installed Malwarebytes (MBAM) after successfully using it to remove the Windows Restore and Hidden Display viruses, however, it seems that McAfee shuts off MBAM and prevents it from turning on it's real time scanning.  I want to know if this is true and if there is a way to make both McAfee Total Protection work with MBAM? MBAM is good at catching fake viruses/malwares that attack windows registry whereas McAfee is good at catching viruses, so I want to keep both.



      In the last few days, Windows Restore Virus and Hidden Display virus attacked my pc. I had McAfee total protection installed but the virus somehow got through and it disabled McAfee and made the whole Desktop disappear and hid all the files so it could not be viewed with My Computer (Windows XP SP3). After using Malwarebyte on a memory stick, Task Manager -when it came back to stop Windows Restore from reloading, and tools like Unhide, and various reboots and re-installations, and going into Folder Options to uncheck "Hidden" I was able to get my pc almost back to normal except as mentioned above and also a couple of annoying issues:


      I got the "Windows Delay Write Failed" message often. I also get memory intensive program like Corel Draw to not save and hang causing files to corrupt, it would display "not enough memory to perform operation."  Both McAfee and MBAM finds nothing when scans were run. I found a program called Cacheset that seems to eliminate the Windows Delay Write Failed message by increasing the cache to 128MB but I suspect this is temporary solution. I wonder if this is also due to McAfee or is it damage done by the malware?


      This is the second time that my pc with Windows XP was attacked by a registry altering fake virus with McAfee installed, so I am convinced now that I need to have MBAM full version as well. My other laptops with Windows 7 seems to fair better against these viruses.


      Any insights or help would be welcomed.  Thanks.