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    website in the red - again!

      Is there any way to find out exactly what part of my site is causing site adviser to mark it as red ?




      This is the second time this has happened and it's causing my visitors to panic again (Last time SiteAdviser eventually made it green again but it took them weeks and the damage to my reputation was done).

      I would be good to know what exactly triggered the rating as SiteAdviser provides no useful explaination to justify it's decision (eg - if it's a link to an advertiser I can remove them it tell them why etc).


      I cannot find any problems on the site, and other popular lists I have checked say my site is fine too - so I cannot work out why site adviser thinks othwerwise.


      Fine with google:
      http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://www.partyplans.com.au& hl=en

      Not listed on malwaredomains.com
      http://www.malwaredomainlist.com/mdl.php?search=partyplans&colsearch=All&quantit y=50

      Not listed on hosts-file.net either



      Can anyone help me out ?




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          Good evening kape,


               McAfee's Trusted Source site does indeed rate your website as high risk.  The Web of Trust site is also stating your site has a poor reputation.  However, In looking at the user reviews on both the SiteAdvisor security report and Web of Trust,, the latest reviews were in 2010.  Pehaps one of our distinguished moderators or a McAfee staff person can weigh-in on this posting with more detail.


          You may wish to look at the information on how to dispute your site's rating provided by one of McAfee's support staff at the link shown below:




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            McAfee's Trusted Source is also suspicious of activity at IP, the Lunar Pages IP address for your site.  See




            Several other reporting sources may also consider that IP address "dangerous".  See




            Perhaps Lunar Pages knows more about the problem and could help expedite restoring your site's reputation.  They likely have experience in this area. Since that IP address has been a problem sporadically for at least a year and a half, it may be appropriate to request that Lunar Pages move your site to an IP address with a good reputation.  


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              Hi Kape,


              Just a thought.... Do you happen to have a shared IP address?  If you are not sure, check with your Host Provider.  They should know.     If you find that you are using a shared IP...


              On a shared IP, if someone else sharing your same IP happens to get blocked by IP or censored, as some countries or ISPs sometimes do. Their IP (and yours) could get banned or blacklisted, causing problems for your web site or search engine rankings as well as McAfee








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